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Kansas City Star Books

The book imprint of The Kansas City Star was born in 1998 with the publication of C.W. Gusewelle's rich column collection about his beloved dog, Rufus. From that has grown a book-publishing company that today produces 50 or more titles a year. In turn, Kansas City Star Books has emerged as the largest local/regional book publisher in the states of Missouri and Kansas.

Kansas City Star Books operates three imprints:

  • Books published under the Kansas City Star Books imprint reflect the high journalistic standards of The Star's newsroom. The Star's own journalists often are published under this imprint, but Star Books also seeks to publish outside authors whose books fit its focus – topics of broad local and regional interest, such as Kansas City history, sports, education and entertainment.
  • Books published under the Rockhill Books imprint are primarily custom books in which The Star helps outside clients edit, design, print and market their own books. (See more under "Rockhill Books: About Us.")
  • Books published under the Kansas City Star Quilts imprint are primarily pattern books for the quilt industry. Kansas City Star Quilts turns out 30 or more new quilting books a year and markets them internationally. (See more under "Kansas City Star Quilts: About Us.")

We pride ourselves on publishing the highest quality books in both print and e-book formats. We are adept at devising creative methods of marketing using the resources of The Kansas City Star, social media and other promotional tools. And we offer excellence in retailing and distribution, including a constant focus on the customer.

Finally, all of our books are printed at Walsworth Publishing in Marceline, Mo. We are committed to publishing "in our backyard" because we feel strongly that the Midwest economy benefits when we keep the work at home.