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Custom Publishing

Outside clients often hire Kansas City Star Books to help them publish their own books.  Those projects are handled under our custom-publishing imprint, Rockhill Books. 

The name comes from The Kansas City Star’s founder, William Rockhill Nelson, whose commitment to the community was uppermost in his mind as he worked to expand the reputation and influence of The Kansas City Star through the years.

We bring that same positive, can-do spirit to Rockhill Books.  We understand that publishing a book is no small undertaking for a client. Our goal is to produce the highest quality book in the most cost-efficient way possible – and to do so with top-notch customer service.

We can help:

  • Create your book’s content:  Do you need a writer?  A co-author?  Photography?  Illustrations?
  • Provide editing services, so your book not only flows but is error-free as well.
  • Provide design services, so your book is visually striking and well organized.
  • Print your book.  We print all of our books here, in Missouri.
  • Market and distribute the finished titles, including arranging sales through our on-line store, our two local stores, to regional bookstores and through other means.

More specifically, here is a menu of what we can offer:

Project Management, Design and Pre-Press:

We offer turn-key management and production services that take your book from finished manuscript to print-ready.  Included: 

  • A project manager over the production process, being your liaison between you and our printer, Walsworth Publishing Co. in Marceline, Mo. This manager also guides the schedule of overall production.
  • A writer, co-author, photographer, artist … whatever is needed.
  • A designer who will package your manuscript into a highly attractive, visually strong  book. The designer creates the final page files for upload to our printer.
  • Continual proofing along the production process, so that you can see the book’s development and make suggestions all along the way.
  • A set of final printer’s proofs … a complete set of all of the book’s pages exactly as they will appear when printed.
  • An ISBN number and Library of Congress number assigned to your book.

Copyright registration is not necessary.  Your book is legally copyrighted upon its publication.


We use Walsworth Publishing as our exclusive printer for a variety of reasons:

  • Their pricing is very competitive because of our long-term relationship and the volume we do with them.
  • They are just two hours up the road, which allows for a high level of communication and flexibility.  Plus it gives us the opportunity to personally oversee the press-check on the finished pages, should we need to do so.
  • We like to boast that our books are “Printed in the United States.” We are committed to helping the Missouri and Kansas economies.
  • We can turn books quickly … usually within four weeks, and if necessary, even quicker. (A foreign press will sometimes need six months.)
  • We are a very big customer of theirs, so they value our relationship very highly. Customer service is top-notch.
  • We talk their language.  Printing a book is a very technical endeavor, and it’s critical that both publisher and printer know what’s involved.  We know the Walsworth operation.

Marketing and distribution:

Creating a book is one thing.  Selling it is quite another.  We have extensive knowledge of the marketing challenge and sales solutions when it comes time to sell your book.  Although most clients plan to do much of their own selling, we can provide the following:

  • Put the book on our on-line stores, as well as in our two local stores – on the Country Club Plaza and in Union Station.  We can also help market the book to area bookstores.
  • At no additional cost to you, print a series of advertisements in The Kansas City Star promoting sales of the book through our on-line store, our two stores and area bookstores.
  • Again at no cost, create an email-marketing campaign to our 30,000-name customer list and any other list you might be able to provide.
  • We can also provide clients with warehousing services and with their own customized e-commerce site for selling their book.

References of past Rockhill Books clients are available upon request.